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Key promotion times: January, June and July


Key promotion times: January, June and July


If you’re hanging out for a promotion at work, then start talking yourself up around the three Js: January, June and July.

Professional networking site LinkedIn has found most promotions are dished in these three months. They also found that salary budgets should increase this year by 4.2%, and salary freezes are also out the door as well, with just 2.1% of companies outwardly planning to keep all employees on the same money.

By industry, LinkedIn found that professionals who listed either accounting or law practice as their industry on their profiles saw a significant spike in promotions in July, more so than other industries.

The data LinkedIn compiled also revealed an interesting change in the salary increase cycle through history. In the 1990s, January was the most popular month for the company coffers to cash out, now younger, 80s–born professionals are more likely to score a promotion in other months. 

LinkedIn also provided some advice to people seeking promotions that will benefit their career long term as well…

Shine the spotlight on new skills

Impress your manager by learning new skills that go above and beyond your current role. Expanding your horizons while working full time is a commendable endeavor that’s worth calling attention to. If your company offers an education reimbursement program, take advantage of it. 

Toot Your Horn

Remind your manager of your accomplishments. Even if they were monumental, he or she may have forgotten about them. If a customer sends you an email thanking you for the amazing event you put together for them in record time, gently suggest that they provide you with a recommendation (if they feel comfortable doing so) and also forward the email to your manager so they’re aware of the praise you’re receiving.

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