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Fill up your tank, 10c a litre


Fill up your tank, 10c a litre


Mattel’s toy car brand Hot Wheels is pulling an intriguing little stunt to get its name back in the minds of older consumers. Hot Wheels have partnered up with Coles express service stations to offer fuel at 10c, the average cost of fuel when the brand was first foundered.

One service station in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane will offer the discounted fuel on separate days over the next months starting this weekend in Melbourne. The location of the station will be revealed by commercial radio breakfast shows, like the Hughsey and Kate breakfast program Nova100 in Melbourne.

It seemed an interesting move for a children’s toy company to offer a service that can only be taken up by adults, but Mattel’s senior marketing manager Amanda Allegos says that’s exactly the point.

“We know that boys who grow up ‘driving’ Hot Wheels cars, become vehicle loving adults, so it is only natural to continue to surprise and excite our Hot Wheels boys, whatever their age, with thrilling vehicle experiences,” Allegos tells Marketing magazine. “Today Hot Wheels has evolved into a true lifestyle brand with segments that range from the most innovative and fastest track sets for boys, highly detailed Collector vehicles for our adult fans, and cool merchandise that really caters to vehicle loving boys of all ages.

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