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Carlton Dry tries to bring back the industry night

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Carlton Dry tries to bring back the industry night


Carlton Dry has tried out a few big campaigns to convert the masses to the the low carb beer, from TVCs based in space to offering Steven Seagal as a star in a consumer-made movie, but perhaps its B2B campaigns might prove to be just as important.

The ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ series will offer a selection of very in-vogue Australian bands playing free gigs to nightclub, pub and bar workers in major cities over a series of Monday nights, the traditional industry socializing night.

Aaron Jackson, Marketing magazine’s ad man and part-owner of Melbourne bar Tryst, says Carlton Dry’s promotion taps in to a culture that once thrived but has died off recently.

“The industry night just doesn’t exist anymore, it was once great,” Jackson says, “so this idea of bringing it back is about giving something back to the bar tending community, but it’s mainly a great way of getting the product in the hands of the people that matter most.”

Jackson says the concerts are a B2B exercise that they hope will end in B2C sales through making the beer “cool by association”.

“The idea is to get the beer in the hands of the manager, the decision makers for what’s stocked in a bar, it’s integral to get them on side,” he says. “From there, you’re also getting your product in the mindset of the bartenders, and if they like it, they will suggest it to the patron.”

Jackson warns, however, that Carlton Dry will not be able to sway everyone attending the night, no matter if they score great vibes for bringing the industry night back.

“A good manager looks at customer demand, which often stems from B2C marketing, and then they look at the margin on the product and how they can make it affordable. They are always the first considerations.”

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