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Digital TV enjoys healthy take-up


Digital TV enjoys healthy take-up



OzTAM, Australia’s television audience measurement source, found that penetration rates of digital terrestrial television (DTT) technology is continuing to rise, increasing from 69% to 89% in the last year.

Across the five metropolitan markets – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, it was also found that 40% of households have a Personal Video Recording device with a hard drive (PVR), such as FOXiQ, TiVo and T-Box. This number is highest in Sydney, at 42% of the households, while lowest in Adelaide with 38%. Conversely, Sydney holds the lowest DIT penetration rate at 84% while Perth has the highest at 92%.

At least 52% of metro homes are also now completely DTT capable, meaning that every working television unit in the house can receive DTT. These data researched signals that DTT is enjoying healthy take-up in the Australian market and will soon penetrate through most of Australian households.

The regional breakdown of completely DTT capable households is:

Sydney 49.2%

Melbourne 51.8%

Brisbane 52.4%

Adelaide 52.9%

Perth 55.3%

Five cities 52.0%

Doug Peiffer, CEO of OzTAM saus: “This data provides a more complete picture of DTT-capable households for OzTAM subscribers and will enhance our clients’ analysis and forecasting capabilities in a rapidly changing media environment.”

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