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Dolly airbrush-free issue for body image campaign


Dolly airbrush-free issue for body image campaign


Teenage girl-oriented magazine, Dolly, with feature an entire issue without airbrushing any celebrities and models that appear on the editorial pages.

The airbrush-free June issue is part of the magazine’s ‘Heart Your Body’ campaign, encouraging teenage girls to celebrate their bodies regardless of shape and size.

However, the initiative will only apply to editorial photos and will not include advertisers’ imagery.

The campaign is the result of an online body image survey conducted by Dolly that asked girls how they felt about their body, food and exercise – it attracted almost 5,000 participants.

Results from the survey indicated that only 16% were happy with their body, 81% were jealous of their friend’s body while 61% compared their body to their friends. It also reveled that 46% thought about their body a few times a day while 15% thought about it all day.

“Negative body image is at an all-time high in Australia and many people are blaming the media for using unrealistic, air-brushed images where so-called ‘flaws’ like scars and pimples are nowhere to be seen. We decided to ditch the airbrushing to show teenage girls the reality of what they’re constantly comparing themselves to,” said Dolly editor Gemma Crisp.

The ‘Heart Your Body’ campaign is being supported by celebrities Miranda Kerr, Kate Ritchie, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and ROXY pro surfer, Laura Enever.

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