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Enjoy the ride with DeVito


Enjoy the ride with DeVito


With Taxi a distant memory and Twins and Junior gathering dust in milkbar video sections, Danny DeVito has decided to get back into the game.

To celebrate DeVito’s TV show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, ad agency Modernista! is putting seat covers with DeVito’s face on them on women’s bicycles in a campaign for Comedy Central in Amsterdam – classy.

Along with the face of the diminutive star, who plays a pervy womaniser in the show and, presumably, not in real life, the seat covers carry the line ‘Enjoy the ride!’.

Boyd Coyner, Modernista!s managing partner, says “The character Danny DeVito plays is a twisted, dirty old man who divorces his wife and sleeps with anything that moves. We thought that an appropriate way to launch the show would be to have women across The Netherlands sit on DeVito’s face.”

Innovatively bizarre or genius?

It may work for DeVito in the same way that ‘the Hoff’ viral worked for David Hasselhoff or the way Chuck Norris jokes worked for…well Chuck Norris.

Cant wait for the Australian Chopper Read version to go on sale…

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