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Friendster announces sevenload partnership


Friendster announces sevenload partnership


Friendster is to partner with online video company sevenload, to offer video content and applications across the Asia-Pacific market.

sevenload.com, a social media network for videos, photos and Web TV content, and Friendster, Inc., a top 20 global social network website that is popular in Asia, plan to combine their efforts to take on the bigger online social media companies MySpace and Facebook.

sevenload will promote Friendster’s social networking suite of features with a marketing campaign through its site.

In kind, Friendster will implement sevenload’s video player technology and video application, providing access on Friendster.com to a variety of sevenload’s content and user-generated content.

The video content will be made available to over 100 million registered Friendster users via their Fan Profiles and/or as an application integrated via the Friendster Developer Program.

“Since Friendster has a loyal and growing user base in Asia and an emerging user base in Europe, we hope that our partnership with sevenload will drive greater awareness, user adoption and user engagement throughout Asia, Europe and the rest of the world,” explains Richard Kimber, CEO at Friendster.

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