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Google releases YouTube users study


Google releases YouTube users study


Want to know what the YouTube generation looks like? Google has released an Australian YouTube usage research report, based on a survey of 3,000-plus YouTube users.

Conducted by Research International, it reveals that the Australian YouTube community includes the whole family (14 to 17-year-olds only make up 7% of Australian YouTube users), includes workers, students, stay-at-home mums and retirees, and are not just techies and nerds – according to the study 61% of YouTube users are not tech-savvy.

Users encompass all life stages, with 55% being married, 35% single and 9% divorced and many believed that stay longer than they intended (79% or one hour and nine mins per week on average).

The research also indicated that 62% of those surveyed visit the site at least once a week, 47% share videos when they find a one they love, 86% spend time on YouTube for entertainment and 20% actually uploaded their own video.

Other findings from the survey include:

User age group percentages

  • 18-29 = 32%
  • 30-39 = 20%
  • 40-49 = 18%
  • 50-59 = 13%
  • 60+ = 10%

Australian YouTubers watch a broad range of content:

  • 51% music videos
  • 31% movie trailers
  • 27% user-generated content
  • 26% TV shows
  • 25% seek out ads
  • 22% news clips, and
  • 18% sports news/highlights.

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