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Habbo partners to bring Twilight to users


Habbo partners to bring Twilight to users


Habbo and Summit Entertainment have announced a partnership to extend the Twilight franchise to the virtual world.

The partnership will allow Habbo to offer its users an exclusive Twilight experience with themed virtual furniture and accessories. Users will be able to decorate their personal rooms with virtual Twilight goods and participate in branded activities and polls. The virtual offering will coincide with the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

“Habbo’s understanding of the teen online audience means they can build a unique virtual experience for their users and increase the scope and interaction of the brand with our fans.” said Jack Pan, executive vice president of marketing for Summit Entertainment.

“This is the first time Summit has partnered with a virtual world, so we wanted to be sure to work with a company with a proven track record for providing exciting, engaging activities.”

Habbo currently has virtual communities in 31 countries across six continents. Habbo has 13 million unique monthly visitors worldwide.

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