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Nufarm marketing lead talks customer centricity, honesty in B2B and more


Nufarm marketing lead talks customer centricity, honesty in B2B and more


This time, we speak to Amanda MacMillan, customer marketing lead ANZ at Nufarm, in our first in-depth exploration of the Australian B2B marketing scene.

Dave Jackson is back on the mic, to deliver another conversation with one of Australia’s sharpest marketing minds. This time, Amanda MacMillan, customer marketing lead ANZ at crop protection and agriculture chemical company Nufarm, talks all things from product, to customer insight, to marketing philosophy, to 18th century guys with no teeth.

How brand building is prioritised in a multi-brand organisation

“If you think about Australia, and all the regions across Australia, then start to think about all the crops… [given] the complexity of the business in terms of the portfolio, there is no way for us to support every single product range.

“We funnel down, really focusing on some core brands, which we call power brands, to communicate externally… But overarching, we have the Nufarm brand. That absolutely is so important to nurture, to build and even to grow in awareness and support. With everything we do, the masterbrand or family brand is so important to continue to resonate.”

On the importance of trust and consistent messaging in B2B

“Consistency of message right through the line: when I mention that it might be tailored to a particular audience or delivered in a way so that it’s user friendly for that particular audience, our different customer groups – it’s absolutely the same message. Perhaps the level of detail or the format in which it’s delivered in is a little different.”

On marketing with technical information

“There is a very strong technical element to the materials we have available, in terms of how we can make sure the messaging and product is absolutely relevant to the need and the purpose that they’re looking to solve.”

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