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Marketing Mags Fab Five


Marketing Mags Fab Five


Call of Duty
We came across this at ad:tech thanks to Activision marketing boss Brad Jakeman. While you couldn't tell from watching it, it's advertising an add-on content pack for the last Call of Duty game. With such a dedicated/addicted audience, however, you don't really need to say much for them to figure out what's going on. This video gives a bittersweet take on the what went on either side of the Berlin Wall.

Carsales.com.au needed to make a big statement that car buyers can now get new cars from the site, so they made a big billboard, that looks like the inside of a car, kind of. I wonder if that massive tree is scented…


The old baby pageant, a tried and tested idea: plenty of parents love showing their children to other people and being told they’re cute, and many other folks like looking at children and saying they are cute. It may seem a bit cruel to be entered in to a modeling competition for the whole world to see before you’re even able to talk, but Bonds don’t care, and this stamps their name on the baby clothes market pretty damn well.


State Auto Inspection Ukraine
Australia isn't the only country that has harrowing road safety ads. This one is simple but covers a lot of ground: you might die walking across the road and become a number, or you might kill someone driving and end up in jail, counting numbers on the wall.


Juicy Fruit
Hiring a YouTube celeb to slip into your commercial in the hope you'll steal some of their fanbase certainly isn't a new idea, and rarely is it met with enthusiasm from consumers. See Tay Zonday doing 'Cherry Chocolate Rain' for Dr Pepper. This tie in from Juicy Fruit isn't much better. It keeps most of the charms that made Keenan Cahill's lipsyncing popular, but brings in the too self-consciously random Juicy Fruit 'Seranading Unicorn' mascot to overwhelm the sense a little bit. If you're confused, I'm not sure watching the ad will clear things up.

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