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mcm media launches Audible Intelligence


mcm media launches Audible Intelligence


Entertainment group mcm media has announced the launch of a new business division, Audible Intelligence.

To be headed up by creative director Andrew Tanner, Audible Intelligence is a creative and audio production house specialising in radio commercial production, including concept development, scripting, audio production and branding.

“Audible Intelligence is based on a philosophy that the best radio creative is like any great creative – it’s driven by great ideas. Radio as a medium also has unique characteristics. If we understand and use these intelligently, radio can be one of the most powerful ways to communicate to the audience,” said Simon Joyce, CEO of mcm media.

The company indicates that the division has been established to benefit advertising clients who are new to radio or have not used it for a while, as well as current radio advertisers.

Leveraging on the companys experience, the division will offer advertisers advice on how to use the medium to its full potential.

Tanner, who has produced radio campaigns for brands such as Coles Group and Myer Gift Card, Rebel Sport and ANZ, also noted that it was timely to offer advertisers this dedicated service.

“Right now, advertisers need solutions that deliver real results. The current economic environment means companies need to make their advertising creative work harder. With stand-out creative radio advertising can be very powerful, as well as cost effective,” asserted Tanner.

According to mcm’s announcement commercial radio reaches over 8.9 million Australians in five capital cities each week, who on average spend 17 hours listening to it weekly.

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