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Melbournians get a taste of the Bluetongue


Melbournians get a taste of the Bluetongue


Bluetongue Premium beer soaks up 13 percent of its Brand Sales in the Victorian Market…

Bluetongue Premium Beer is expanding into the Victorian market with Melbournians enthusiastically adopting the brand’s strong provenance, boutique qualities and unique flavours.

Recent growth figures have revealed that Bluetongue is already a hit in the Melbourne market, even though the premium beer brand has only been available in Melbourne for the past eight months in packaged format. Bluetongue has seen significant growth across Victoria, with a 13 percent shift of total brand sales to the Melbourne market since the beginning of 2008.

Sarah Dennis, Bluetongue Brewery marketing manager, says, “Melbournians are all about quality and our beer delivers in spades on taste. Its link to the Hunter Region in NSW provides the brand with a unique flavour acquired from local produce and its strong ties to the region continue to elevate the quirky Australian personality of the cheeky larrikin lizard”.

The Bluetongue brand has recently launched at Transport Hotel in Melbourne’s Federation Square. Mario Scerri, director of the Sovereign Hotel Group says, “We chose Bluetongue to go on tap across our venues because it is an easy drinking, sessionable beer that is instantly recognisable to our customers because of its uniquely Australian name and logo. We find that our drinkers respond to brands with an accessible origin, particularly from a boutique Australian region. Transport is the type of venue that wants the latest and greatest products to be readily available for our customers and the Bluetongue brand fits this profile perfectly”.

Dennis says, “Bluetongue represents an opportunity for Melbournians to choose an authentic Australian beer with origins outside of Victoria. Consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity and integrity when choosing their beer and Bluetongue’s strong affiliation with the Hunter region in which it is brewed reaffirms its brand integrity as a boutique quality offering in the market”.

The Bluetongue Premium Beer range consists of a premium lager, traditional pilsener, premium light and an alcoholic ginger beer.

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