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Monsieurs mellow moments…


Monsieurs mellow moments…


From the wonderful creative world comes a few campaigns that will both humour and terrify.

Kids pick up technology 50 times faster than many of us – that’s a fact. Their nubile brains can figure out the intricacies of hight tech equipment that would have taken a 1960s’ NASA scientist his whole life. With that knowledge, companies will come up with the equipment needed to get these kids on board – enter the Guinea Pig 3G mobile phone.

Not only can you have a loving family pet, it can make long distance calls and, according to the Argentine TVC created by the El Cielo agency, be an mp3 player as well. Handy stuff…

From laughter to horror, video game producer EA has released a theatrical trailer for it’s latest effort, Dantes Inferno.

I’ve heard of gaming becoming more realistic and closer to Hollywood than arcade, but this is something else. EA have done a great job at luring my interest because if the trailer is this thrilling, the game must be incredible.

Finally, if you followed last year’s US election then you would have seen Shepard Fairey’s Obama Change poster.

Since then a host of imitations have made their way through the net, featuring such luminaries as George W Bush, Sarah Palin, Jeff Bridge’s and the Transformers’ leader Optimus Prime (with the great catch phrase ‘Change… into a truck’). The reason is probably due to Obamicon.me, a site that allows you to ‘Obama-rise’ a photo of whatever you like.

So give your family a gift that keeps on giving – an Obama-style campaign poster!

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