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Mystified Marketers


Mystified Marketers


The dramatic online and interactive changes to the Australian communication landscape over the past decade have created a big problem for marketers:

How do we take advantage of the new digital developments?

Experienced marketers that know advertising, PR, DM and POS like the back of their hand, are often in the dark about the best decisions to make in this new interactive world.

So whats the solution?

Time, experience, trial and, unfortunately error are probably the best ways to learn. Sure there are courses run by various bodies but nothing beats on the job training. Its like 1956 all over again: this new fangled thing called television has been launched and the word is that it may help me to sell more products/services; if only I knew how to go about it. Thanks to Louie the Fly, Happy Little Vegemites, anyhow ave a Winfield & cmon Aussie cmon, the rest is advertising history.

The million dollar question is, are you creating an interactive campaign thats going to be written about in 2060? Well?


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