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New Nissan campaign mixes direct mail with AR


New Nissan campaign mixes direct mail with AR


WhybinTBWATEQUILA has released a campaign for automotive giant Nissan, combing direct mail and augmented reality (AR) for the launch of the companys new 370Z.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nissan’s Z range the agency has sent a steering wheel via the post, inviting existing and potential customers to take the 370Z for a virtual ‘3D spin’ using the relative new AR technology that allows the user to hold the wheel up to a webcam (or some mobile handsets) and see a 3D model of the 370Z appear on their screen.

“There is nothing unusual about directing audiences to a website from a direct mail pack. ‘Take the Wheel’, however, takes it a step beyond, integrating the two channels to provide a bigger, more involving customer experience. The user is invited to participate in a ‘virtual’ sense before making a decision to book a ‘real-world’ test drive,” said Tim Knight, managing director of TEQUILA Australia.

The technology means that when users turn the steering wheel, the 370Z turns, and can operate the driving light.

The agency believes that linking direct mail with the latest digital technologies offers Nissan customers a ‘new, fun and different way to virtually experience the 370Z’.

Users who haven’t received the wheel can download and print a page with the AR code from the Nissan website.

“Not only with the 370Z but with all Nissan products, everyone at Nissan, along with our Agency partners, are focussed on making our campaigns as integrated, innovative and hard-working as possible. The 370Z is a marquee car for us and this is a marquee campaign,” said Damon Paull, Nissan Australia product and marketing manager.

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