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The most popular colours of 2020 – magenta to dominate Australian creative


The most popular colours of 2020 – magenta to dominate Australian creative


Lush Lava, Aqua Menthe and Phantom Blye will define the colour scheme of the year to come, according to Shutterstock’s analysis of download data.

Through analysing “hundreds of billions” of pixel data from images downloaded through its platform, Shutterstock has developed its annual Colour Trends report predicting the colours to define 2020.

“In a visually crowded media and advertising world, standing out is both an art form and a challenge for brands,” says Lou Weiss, chief marketing officer at Shutterstock

“Colour is naturally a powerful tool in helping brands garner attention with their audiences in an effective and meaningful way. As we look to 2020, the data shows a clear shift from the turbo-charged neons of 2019 to more elevated, bold and saturated colours that command attention in a sophisticated way.”

The top three colours Shutterstock sees excelling next year are Lush Lava, Aqua Menthe and Phantom Blue

Lush Lava #FF4500

“A bold and fiery orange-red that quickly catches the eye,” according to Shutterstock.

Lush Lava Shutterstock

Aqua Menthe #7FFFD4

A “vivid, cyan-tinged mint shade that is perfect for conveying a playful, modern, and outgoing personality.”

Aqua Menthe Shutterstock

Phantom Blue #191970

A “rich navy with significant depth, mimicking a dramatic night sky.”

Phantom Blue Shutterstock


Down Under, the top trending colour for 2020 according to Shutterstock’s research will be a vibrant magenta (#FF00FF) – a “perfect fit for our upcoming summer season.” Shutterstock’s search data revealed that France is also set to favour this tone next year.

Au Magenta Shutterstock

Shutterstock’s analysis also includes key colours from local markets; next year the US is expected to be draped in a deep sky blue (#00BFFF), India will be cloaked in a space-age green (#00FF00) and the UK covered in a deep ford blue (#0000FF).

Shutterstock colour trends 2020 global local markets

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