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Only 20-something and already nostalgic


Only 20-something and already nostalgic


The saying goes that youth is often wasted on the young. However, for the twenty-something Millenials who are fast approaching full adulthood, their youth seemed to have happened in the 90s, and they are pining for it already.

If you’re 30 and above, you might be scoffing at the idea of young adults reminiscing on the ‘good old days’, but research by Youth Pulse Inc, an American insights company that focuses on teens, collegians and young adults claims that Millenials are doing it tough and missing the easier 90s.

According to Melanie Shreffler, editor in chief of Ypulse, Youth Pulse’s website, “Millenials have spent their lives striving to be the best and trying to live up to what their parents have always said: that they can do anything. But adjusting to reality is proving difficult.”

Growing up during one of the worst economy crisis, Millenials are feeling the pressure career-wise, where many are unemployed or underemployed. The ones with jobs fear losing them each day.

With this much anxiety, Millenials are apparently missing their childhood years, and actively seek out opportunities to be transported back in time emotionally. TV channels like Nickelodeon and MTV are tapping into this desire by re-introducing programs aired in the 90s on their schedules.

The research has also found that Millennials do not want to be told to grow up, or to act like adults. In fact, smart marketers who tuned their messages to lend a subtle nod to Millennials’ desires to be kid-like will be better received. Millennials want to know that it’s acceptable to still want to do things that did in their teenage years.

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