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OOH revenue down 9.2%, says OMA


OOH revenue down 9.2%, says OMA


Outdoor Media Association chief executive Helen Willoughby has announced that first quarter net revenue results for outdoor media in 2009 were down 9.2%, on the same period in 2008.

According to Willoughby it is the first negative result recorded by the sector in more than six years, with net revenue for the quarter at $98m compared to $108m for the 2008 first quarter.

“The first half of 2008 had been particularly strong for the industry in that we were tracking at 13% year on year growth before the economy starting slowing,” explains Willoughby.

The first quarter also saw the OMA move to new reporting categories that will be used in its new audience measurement system, MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) to be released to market later this year.

Previously, the OMA reported its revenue under the categories of Large Format, Posters, Street Furniture and Transit.

From the start of 2009, outdoor media results have been recorded against the following categories:

  • Roadside – billboards < and > 25 square metres: includes posters, billboards and supersites.
  • Roadside – other: includes bus and tram shelters, kiosks, free standing panels, phone booths and bus and tram externals.
  • Transport: includes railway stations, bus terminals and airport internals/precincts.
  • Retail: includes shopping centres and universities.

The category breakdown for first quarter 2009:

  • Roadside – billboards $35.2m
  • Roadside – other $35.8m
  • Transport $15.1m
  • Retail $11.9m

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