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Mercury rises at ninemsn with new cross-platform Windows Live campaign


Mercury rises at ninemsn with new cross-platform Windows Live campaign


Ninemsn recently launched its new cross-platform advertising campaign, ‘Mercury’, to raise awareness about the new version of Windows Live and its ability to bring consumers their online world into the one place.  

The Mercury campaign utilises the strength of the PBL Media assets, and will appear on Channel Nine, in ACP magazines, Hoyts Cinemas and online across ninemsn. The campaign will be the first time this year that ninemsn has included television and cinema into its marketing mix.  

Carolyn Managh, director of marketing at ninemsn said: 

“ninemsn has access to the strongest cross-platform media packages in the country with its PBLM partners, and we have utilised the strength of television, magazines, cinema and online to  raise awareness, build the Windows Live brand and drive trial.” 

The creative concept, titled Mercury, was developed by Moon Communications Group, and visually depicts how Windows Live brings people’s online activity, such as Hotmail and Messenger, together in one place. The image of the well known Messenger ‘Buddy’ icon melts into graphics to represent photos, storage, events and email highlighting that all the features are seamlessly connected and can be accessed with one Windows Live ID.  

  “Hotmail and Messenger are loved by our audience of over 7.5 million Australians and are two of the most recognised brands in the world. Our challenge with this campaign was to  communicate that Windows Live is now the umbrella brand that brings the two together,” Ms Managh said.  

“In addition we needed to communicate other great features such as Skydrive, with 25GB of free storage, and the ability to aggregate other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter into  Windows Live. We feel that the strap line of Your Life. Your  Stuff. One Place really encapsulates that perfectly.” 

The campaign will run for 12 weeks and encourages people to visit the purpose-built site windowslive.com.au to download the new version of Windows Live.

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