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Over the hump…


Over the hump…


With Obama now US president and the Australian cricket team gradually regaining some face (well kind of), it’s time for us to concentrate on other important matters – like Christmas holidays.

It may seem that the end of year holiday period is still too far away in some minds to really acknowledge planning for it, but many companies have already dealt out their ‘CFH’ (Closed For Holiday) dates.

But what happens when your business hinges on the belief that you’ll always be available for your client?

How many times have you just finished packing the kids into the car, only to have the boss call and tell you “Coke needs a creative by tomorrow, get back to the office”.

Well, George Patterson has come up with a novel way to accommodate clients who want their ad on Christmas Day – the World Famous Xmas Advertising Monkey. This pompous primate is George Patterson’s unsung holiday saver.

You add a key word into his advertising generator and he gives your choice of TVC, Print, billboard or radio ad.

With quotes such as “Your business is my monkey business” and “Belgian Congo today, Madison Avenue tomorrow” theres not many campaigns the Xmas Ad Monkeys ideas wont cover.

So to save your marriage and please your boss, hit up the monkey – as he says, “I get bananas and you get ads: its win win”.

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