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Poor quality loyalty programs causing ‘loyalty fatigue’


Poor quality loyalty programs causing ‘loyalty fatigue’


Australians are suffering from ‘loyalty fatigue’ as a result of poor quality loyalty programs, says a new survey by information services group Experian.

Some key findings of the report include:

  • More than 80% believe unless there is a discount, the loyalty program is not worth signing up for but it needs to be a long term discount or value. Less than 30% sign up for short term benefits.
  • more than half of do not read and unpersonalised communication. Australians are demanding brands demonstrate just how well they understand them.
  • one in three Australians have previously opted out of loyalty programs – they’re not shy about severing ties with a brand that does not effectively engage or provide them with value.
  • 54% of Australians don’t understand the T&Cs of the loyalty programs they join.



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