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RMIT named top advertising school in Australia


RMIT named top advertising school in Australia


In celebration of its 10th year, YoungGuns has released results of the top 10 advertising schools worldwide, with two Australian schools making the listing.

The ranking pinpoints schools that have produced the most awarded creative students in the 10 years since YoungGuns was founded. RMIT University featured in fifth place, with AWARD school coming in sixth position. The top spot went to Miami Ad School in Germany.

Previous top 10 rankings from YoungGuns have included BBDO as the most awarded network worldwide  and Australia featuring as the third most awarded country in the ‘YoungGuns top 10 most awarded countries ranking’.

The top 10 awarded schools are as follows:

  1. Miami Ad School, Europe Germany
  2. School of Visual Arts New York USA
  3. Miami Ad School, Florida USA
  4. Media Design School New Zealand
  5. RMIT University Australia
  6. AWARD School Australia
  7. Berghs School of Communication Sweden
  8. Miami Ad School, Minneapolis USA
  9. Miami Ad School, San Francisco USA
  10. Westerdals School of Communication Norway

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