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Spinning the experiential wheel


Spinning the experiential wheel


If you’re a social media addict, and love free stuff – then you’ve probably been following IKEA’s Facebook and Twitter updates on how to go about winning either a hotdog, or a sofa.

Over the last couple of days, the IKEA Streetribes truck has been hitting some of Melbourne’s busiest locations, inviting passers-by to spin the Wheel of Flatpack. The truck also acted as a moving 3D billboard, where an IKEA room set was visible and on display as it made its way along a specific route.

Locations of where the truck was stopping were updated via the brand’s social media channels, and a team of ‘Swedish game show hosts’ invited visitors to take part in the interactive game.

While the Melbourne arm of the activation, executed to announce the opening of the new store in Springvale concluded yesterday, the IKEA Streetribes truck will be hitting Sydney soon to celebrate the opening of their new Tempe store in November.

To drive traffic into the new outlets, all prizes won at the Wheel of Flatpack will have to be redeemed at the new stores.

Belle Kwan

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