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Whats cooler than being cool? Being vintage.


Whats cooler than being cool? Being vintage.


No one drinks those old­–man–pub beers anymore, man, it’s all about the craft beer. Little Creatures, Fak Yak, Blue Tongue, the beer market is spread across many different new craft beers that don’t taste like urine.  Wrong. Victoria Bitter still outshines its nearest competitor and little Foster’s brother Carlton Draught by a decent 81 million stubbies and cans annually, but beers sales across the board are flagging, and VB seems to be wishing for the glory days to come back.

So they’re bringing them back, at least to the design of the can. VB has launched limited edition packaging, identical to the first ever VB can sold back in 1958. Here it is.

A little can history

Canadian Mikola Kondakow invented the ring-pull system, originally for bot tles.Ohio man Ermal Cleon Fraze came up with the pop-top aluminum can in 1959. 

VB originally launched as a 13 1/3 fluid ounce steel container, the first VB cans weren’t ring-pull cans, drinkers had to punch a hole in the top using a  ‘church key’ device.

Victoria Bitter is a brand we here at Marketing mag reckon might have created one of the best consistent branding campaigns of any company in the world. Tapping in to masculine, blue-collar Australian culture is undoubtedly a large part of the success, as well as positioning the product as a freezing and satisfying thirst quencher for deserving and perspiring men. That basis of the brand isn’t going anywhere, if VB’s latest press release is anything to go by. If you love beer, read on, and appreciate Victoria Bitter’s love of the adjective ‘cold’.

Press release from VB

“VB has always been the best cold beer,” said Craig MacLean, senior brand manager for VB. “Ever since 1894 we’ve been searching for and introducing new and innovative ways to make sure that the VB you’re drinking is as cold as possible. The introduction of the can in 1958 was a huge step forward for beer in Australia, something we are celebrating with this limited edition release.”

The 1958 design, which will be available in selected stores throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania from early July, is the first in a series of exciting ‘best cold beer’ ideas VB will deliver in the coming 12 months.

“As we head towards summer you’ll see a lot more from VB. There’s nothing better than an ice cold VB, so we’re working to make sure that every time you have one in your hand it’s as cold as possible.”

“The stakes were raised in 1958 when VB was the first to release a steel can alongside bottled beer,” continued MacLean. “Imagine tasting an ice cold VB from a can for the first time. It really was a ground-breaking moment, changing the way we enjoyed beer.”

The limited edition 1958 heritage series cans will be available while stocks last at selected outlets.

The launch of the VB 1958 heritage series cans will be supported by print, radio and in-store advertising.

'The Church key device'…


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