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World Cup Roundup listicle


World Cup Roundup listicle


It’s Friday, and after a long, hard week of major OOH aqquisitions, Cannes chat, Facebook apology crusades and consumer behaviour reports – Marketing has decided to give the people what they really want.

Here is a good old fashioned inconsequential listicle of curated Twitter highlights from the Russia World Cup. If you need to explain to your boss why you’re reading this instead of finishing that brief or chasing leads, here are some simple excuses to justify this as important industry news:

  • I am upskilling by learning about the key social trends from the World Cup.
  • I am learning about high engagement themes from socials this week.
  • I am reading a social listening report specifically about the World Cup.

Without further adieu, here is some fantastic World Cup commentary courtesy of Twitter users everywhere:


The Group Stages have come to an official close as Belgium defeated England last night to enter an allbut favourable half of the tournament.


Perhaps a frustrated release for securing his team’s fate to play on the side of the tournament comprised of four of the World’s top seven teams ?


Foul play is being taken seriously this year, and Senegal’s squad was deemed as far from being on their best behaviour despite accruing the required points to advance.



Talk about digitising out-of-home. This installation makes it impossible to avoid match spoilers on the way home from work.



One of the World’s most revered goalkeepers expresses his disappointment in missing out on the finals – the first time Germany has been eliminated in the group stages of the World Cup since 1938.


The Socceroos could have used ball control like this against the Peruvians.


The beauty of sport an outlet for people to exercise their most instinctual tribalism, to celebrate collective wins and suffer the trauma of collective losses. Also this is hilarious.

Josh Loh

Josh Loh is assistant editor at MarketingMag.com.au

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