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Moments with marketers: Jeffrey Hayzlett

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Moments with marketers: Jeffrey Hayzlett


Marketingmag.com.au chats to Jeffrey Hayzlett  – CMO at Kodak. If you
like to see a certain
marketer profiled, please email your suggestion to Kate Kendall, online
editor, on [email protected].

1. What do you do?

I have one of the best jobs for one of the best brands in the world – Im the CMO (chief marketing officer) for Kodak.

2. What was your first job?

I started a lawn mowing business to buy my own bicycle. I still remember it – a Schwinn! It was gold and had a silver and white banana seat.

3. What did you study?

Government and international affairs at Augustana College, a private college in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

4. Describe a typical day?

Theres never a typical day in marketing! Except that it will start early (for me, usually with a Diet Mountain Dew) and end after dark. Lots of meetings, media interviews, presentations, and conference calls. Lots of planning for the future and assessing our current work.

5. What is on the agenda for 2009?

More growth for Kodak. More innovative products, more exciting marketing.

6. What brand do you love the most? Hate the most? Why?

I love Kodak, naturally. I hate any brand that takes advantage of its own customers – Big Ink tops my list.

7. What do you believe has been the most significant moment in the history of marketing?

The advent of social marketing has been the most significant development in the recent past. Never before have marketers had the opportunity to hear such direct and immediate feedback on their products and services.

8. Where can people find you?


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