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Nine announces new youth digital channel


Nine announces new youth digital channel


Nine has announced its new youth-focused digital channel will launch in August and be named Go!

Nine chief executive, David Gyngell, said he would quit his job if the channel didn’t draw twice the ratings of One HD, Ten’s new sports channel. The channel would need to attract about three share points by year’s end for Gyngell to be safe in this statement.

One is the red-haired stepchild of sports rights. Its the stuff that no one wants, said Gyngell. Within a year you wont be able to look at ratings and judge a program in the same way. One show will have to be monetised four times.

The channel is expected to attract significant ratings due to its Australian premiere of The Vampire Diaries.
Gyngell has warmed to the multi-channel environment, having previously described it as a ‘tax’ on free-to-air.

You dont have to protect the free-to-air space, he said. We have to extend it and grow it.

The move comes after NineMSN announced its new online offering allowing greater advertiser customisation of digital content. The channel will heavily feature content from the network’s partnership with Warner Bros.

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