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Getting the most out of your video content? Expert says marketers lack a yardstick for success

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Getting the most out of your video content? Expert says marketers lack a yardstick for success


Brands know video content marketing works, but do they know how to tell when it’s working for them? Marketing speaks with Vidyard’s Tyler Lessard, who sheds light on how video content success should really be measured.

Video content is becoming an increasingly central component of the modern marketer’s arsenal, however most businesses lack the tools to properly manage and optimise their performance and conversion, says VP of marketing at Vidyard, Tyler Lessard. With over 15 years of experience in enterprise technology, marketing tech, sales enablement and video marketing, he says marketers need to look beyond view counts to measure the effectiveness and success of video campaigns. Vidyard aims to help businesses scale their use of video across their marketing programs, optimise and personalise the playback experience and track detailed analytics on video performance and engagement. Through integrations with platforms like Marketo, it enables marketers to use video engagement data to qualify leads and deliver unique audience insights to sales teams.

Marketing spoke with Lessard at last week’s Marketing Nation Summit about how marketers can best optimise their video content, what kind of content to invest in, video personalisation, delivery channels and how to maximise conversion rates to deliver the most comprehensive audience insights possible.


From your work at Vidyard, what sort of insights can you share about what works well in video marketing?

The most important insight that we’re seeing today is that video works at each and every stage of the buyer’s journey to attract, educate, engage and convert potential buyers. There is no ‘one video to rule them all’. Marketers need to think about video as a strategic weapon to do everything from increasing website conversion rates to boosting email marketing performance to generating more leads from content marketing and social media programs. Video truly is a swiss-army knife in today’s marketing and we need to move past just thinking about it as a ‘brand’ or ‘awareness’ tool. There is no better way to engage, educate and convert audiences than with targeted, personalised, high-impact video content.

12 types of video

12 Perfect Video Types for the B2B Customer Lifecycle – Vidyard


What impact does viewing platform (desktop versus mobile, etc.) have on how videos perform? Should they be approached differently?

The most important to things to consider are the channel that the video is destined for and what stage of the buyer’s journey it’s meant to support – these two factors will have the greatest influence over the optimal style, length, production approach (outsource versus in-house) and call-to-action for your videos.

When it comes to top-of-funnel content and/or videos targeting social media, shorter is typically better with a strong call-to-action to bring people back to your website. Videos that live on your website – such as explainers and customer stories – should be somewhere between one and three minutes long and may be a mix of motion graphic and live action.

Content for your blog and thought leadership hubs may be longer, deeper dives into very specific topics. Don’t worry as much about desktop versus mobile, stay focused on the goals of the content and the nature of the distribution channel.


When should marketers consider using personalisation in videos? Is it worth it?

Personalised video has emerged as an incredibly powerful way to stand out, get people’s attention and boost response rates to key marketing campaigns. It enables marketers to literally bring each viewer into the story by weaving their name, company name, title or other unique information right into the video itself as well as the promotional thumbnail image.

The results have been pretty incredible! We’ve seen dozens of campaigns that have helped brands increase their click-through and engagement rates by 500% or more. Companies like Lenovo, Influitive, Amnesty International, Marketo and others have used personalised video to help promote their events, thank customers, boost engagement in key awareness campaigns and drive greater interest in new product launches. It’s a highly versatile technology that lends itself well to any key marketing campaign or workflow where doubling, or even tripling, the click-through and response rate could lead to a material business impact.


The author of this article attended Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit as a guest of Marketo.


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