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Introducing The Adtech Issue – a 2017 special issue of Marketing Mag

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Introducing The Adtech Issue – a 2017 special issue of Marketing Mag


Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of The Adtech Issue. A special issue, it has not been released on shelves, and is an exclusive for subscribers* and online purchase only.

Designed to be a client-side marketer’s go-to guide to navigating a complex and, at times, frustrating industry, the issue examines the topography and issues from a buy-side point of view.

Special thanks to TubeMogul and SpotX, with whom we collaborated to bring the special

MK1216 cover issueIn The Adtech Issue we:

… Explore the big issues causing headaches in the adtech industry.

… Debate the transparency and ethics of media agencies.

… Explore the future of brand-agency relationships and offer three models of brand-agency-vendor relationships: in-house/self-managed, managed service, and private trading desk.

… Help make sense of developments in the adtech space, with our guide to buy-side advertising technology, from DMPs, data sources, analytics, tag management attribution modelling, data visualisation, DSPs, inventory sources, ad servers, retargeting, viewability tracking and fraud detection.

… Chat to TubeMogul’s director of learning and development about how to implement a best practice programmatic marketing operation by building the right team.

… Break down various advertising channels and and how to implement and integrate campaigns across them.

… Provide a 100+ word glossary, explaining the meaning of all the terms, abbreviations and buzzwords relevant to adtech, so you don’t draw blanks at your next meeting.


* * * * *

Purchase a copy of The Adtech Issue via the Niche Media online shop »

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* This special issue is additional and doesn’t impact the duration of your subscriptions.


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