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New consumer market identified

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New consumer market identified


Research conducted by SheSpot has identified a new consumer market termed couplets.

Drawing marketing attractiveness comparisons to DINKs, the research defines ‘couplets’ as young engaged-to-be-married or recently-wed couples about to embark on a life together.

SheSpot claims this life stage brings considerable change to lifestyle and living arrangements resulting in a significant spending increase.

The research focused on buying intentions before and after a wedding, who holds power during the decision-making process and what resources they will use.

Creating a bigger and better home was important to the respondents with almost 40% of couplets planning to change their living situation within 18 months of their wedding.

Of these 24% say they will do so immediately, 43% within the first 6 months and 54% expect to purchase a new home, while 21% plan to build one.

The survey found that although some respondents share research and purchasing responsibilities, the key influencer for marketers across all couplets is the woman. In addition, in 25% of cases the woman is the sole researcher and purchaser.

“A bride-to-be or newlywed wife, a subset of the 18- to 39-year-old Australian female population, enters a phase defined by big decisions, big changes and significant spending. Once engaged, she enters a two- or three-year period of planning a wedding, setting up her household, and having a baby – all of which motivates her to spend on brands, goods and services opening up a whole new consideration set and presenting a great opportunity for marketers to become part of her household,” said Katie May, CEO of parent company Kidspot.

The survey found significant numbers also intend to purchase auto, television, digital camera and video camera.

Top five purchase intentions before and after the wedding:

  • Bedlinen 61%
  • Cookware 52%
  • Kitchen appliances 51%
  • Bath linens 47%
  • Sofa/couch 41%

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