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Radio ads supported by Retailers Association


Radio ads supported by Retailers Association


As part of the multi-million radio brand campaign, new ads featuring national executive director of the Retailers Association, Scott Driscoll, will go to air supporting advertising in tough times.

The ads are the next stage in the campaign ‘Radio advertising, economically sound’ launched earlier in 2009, to promote the need to advertise on radio during the economic crisis.

Driscoll indicated that the Retailers Association strongly supports the message that small businesses need to keep advertising.

“The message of doom and gloom put about by some in the government and other so called ‘experts’ is rubbish. We have a strong baseline economy, great levels of employment, historically low home loan interest rates and sensational levels of household disposable income in the main. We just need to see a shot in the arm of old fashioned consumer confidence, based on the real facts and retailers and small business operators will emerge stronger than ever,” said Driscoll.

The ads follows advertiser endorsements in the first stage of the campaign, promoting a free guide to economically sound advertising.
Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner, said the industry was keen to highlight the need to keep advertising in tough times.

“Research shows some good reasons and strategic advantages to continue to advertise in tough economic times: there is less clutter in traditional markets, and success breeds success, so continuing with brand advertising will make a product stand out.”

Previous ads have included comedian John Cleese, as well as spots highlighting the effectiveness of combining radio advertising with television as well as targeting niche markets.

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