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Budweiser’s reshaped beer can: less beer, more aluminium, innovative?


Budweiser’s reshaped beer can: less beer, more aluminium, innovative?


We were able to send a man to the moon and create a bottomless portal of information called the internet and now, thanks to another milestone in the history of human innovation, US beer brand Budweiser has released a bow-tie shaped can.

Thanks to a technological breakthrough in aluminium manufacturing, the can, which will be released in May in the US, looks almost pre-crushed, and is skinny in the middle, to emulate the Budweiser logo, a bow-tie. The new beer can will also actually hold less beer than the original version, but still cost almost the same amount. Possibly in an attempt to assist customers to look more like the skinnier version of the can?

In a time where companies are becoming more concious about their environmental footprints, the new Bud can reportedly uses twice as much aluminium as the original can. If the cans prove to be successful with consumers they’ll stay on as the standard beer car.

There is some speculation Bud might be trying to emulate Coca-Cola and its iconic bottle designs. Pat McGauley, vice president of innovation at Anheuser-Busch tells Fast Co.Design, “Honestly, our brand needs more design to it. We have brown bottles and aluminum cans… Obviously, Coca Cola built their iconic shape over many many years. We’ve had this bow-tie icon, but we haven’t been able to shape the aluminium until now. It’s quite an opportunity for the Budweiser brand.”

“I think, like every invention and innovation, we had a lot of trials and tribulations. It was splitting and not shaping properly,” he explains. “So it does have twice the aluminum in it, but we like that a lot. It feels sturdy and high quality. And the shape of the bow tie fits nicely in your hand.”

Budweiser Bowtie Can


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