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Marketing Mag team arrested over magazine planting scandal


Marketing Mag team arrested over magazine planting scandal


Bail is currently set at $1000 per person as Marketing assistant editor Josh Loh and publisher Jane Bowman face one night in UnLtd’s Melbourne Bail Out.

The pair were caught planting the latest issue of Marketing magazine at a slew of Melbourne newsagents and milk bars. Authorities say Loh and Bowman were seen ripping competing titles off shelves and replacing them with their own.

“I thought there was an animal in the store,” says the owner of a targeted magazine stand. “You see this sort of thing all the time, publishers trying to get their titles in better spots.

“It all started when online publishing took over, print distributors get desperate and they lash out.”

Both Bowman and Loh are now currently in remand by industry purpose organisations Whitelion and UnLtd with bail set at $1000 each. They will be held along with other media, marketing and advertising offenders at the Old Melbourne Gaol until further resolution.

Loh claims his actions were justified.

“You know how hard it is to sell an industry publication at a newsagent?

“It’s tough out there in industry publishing and people need to know what’s happening in marketing! I’m pretty much a modern-day Robin Hood.”

Bowman reportedly required several shots of tranquiliser in order for police to detain her, injuring at least six officers during the scuffle.

Considering the nature of the crimes and the pair’s mental state, Whitelion and UnLtd have agreed to donate 100% of Bowman and Loh’s bail to supporting at-risk youths with mentoring programs, education and employment.

Contribute to Jane Bowman and Josh Loh’s bail here:

Josh Bail Out mugshot

Jane Bail Out mugshot


To learn more about Whitelion and UnLtd’s industry rehabilitation program Bail Out, visit bailout.org.au


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