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Business is booming in Boomtown – why advertisers need to make the move

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Business is booming in Boomtown – why advertisers need to make the move

Boomtown 'Where Brands Go To Grow'

The latest campaign by Boomtown urges brands and agencies nationally to include regional Australia in their 2025 advertising schedules – and for good reason.

Boomtown represents the 9.6 million people living in regional Australia – one of the largest and fastest growing markets for brands to tap into. The campaign is designed to highlight why regional Australia is the place to be for brands, specifically focusing on five key reasons to invest in the area.

Five key reasons

The population

Roughly 9.6 million Aussies live in Boomtown, which is nearly double the population of New Zealand. Fourteen key cities are located in Boomtown with most regional Australians living in these cities and other urban hubs. This highly populated region is an ideal location for brands to target.

The income

More than 33 percent of regional household incomes are over $100,000. The Boomtown residents also enjoy lower cost-of-living and more affordable housing, and being an uncrowded marketplace, brands can really cut through.

The spending

As disposable income in Boomtown continues to increase, residents have more cash to spend. Data shows supermarket spending is also 6.5 percent larger in regional Australia than in metro areas.

The growth

Regional areas are continuing to grow. Every year, Boomtown notches up record migration, record job opportunities and record incomes. The region has also seen more millennials than ever moving to Boomtown.


Boomtown represents prime advertising territory for brands. With lower CPMs, uncluttered markets and better cut-through, 92 percent of regional media buyers agree Boomtown delivers a strong return on investment.

An untapped market

Boomtown chairman Brian Gallagher says the statistics speak for themselves. 

“Boomtown is the place to be for Australian advertisers,” Gallagher says. “Our latest regional advertising campaign is designed to clearly show why regional Australia should be non-negotiable for brands. The data demonstrates what we’ve known about Boomtown for years – that it represents huge growth and sales opportunities for brands looking to reach a significant market with cash to spend.”

The market is only expected to continue to grow, Gallagher says. 

“Migration to regional Australia is at a record high with metro residents seeking out a ‘tree’ or ‘sea’ change and better lifestyles,” Gallagher says.

The time is now for brands and advertisers to leverage this untapped market. “As we head towards the end-of-financial-year, agencies and brands nationwide should include Boomtown in their FY25 plans – and for very compelling reasons too,” he says.

Boomtown is backed by its eight Australian media owners: SCA, WIN, Seven, ARN, ACM, Nine NBN, News Corp Australia and Imparja.

Ever since the pandemic, Boomtown has continued to grow year-on-year. Regional Australia now comprises more than 33 percent of total Australian population, as migration to these areas continues to outpace that of metro for the first time in decades.

Additionally, people moving to Boomtown are consistently younger, wealthier and more digitally connected than ever, making them an attractive target audience for brands to reach.

Download your Boomtown guide here.

Read more about Boomtown’s 2022 campaign.

Photography supplied by Boomtown.


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Billy Klein

Billy Klein is a junior content producer at Niche Media.

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