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Celebrating Australia’s Reddi-versary

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Celebrating Australia’s Reddi-versary


The online global community of Reddit has had its first year in Australia. And, how does it celebrate? “Cake Day” the people responded. Reddit is one of the purest sites, offering its users a chance to join communities and sub-communities. To be able to scroll through fan made content like Instagram or TikTok, or participate in group conversations within these communities. 

Reddit has tried to encapsulate its community values into its first ever Australian campaign “Find your People”. It’s encouraging Aussies to find other Aussies on Reddit by marketing the most popular Australian subreddits such as r/australia and even r/magpies!

Reddit in Australia

Australia itself has become a huge part of Reddits’ user base and is continuing to grow. Reddit has tripled its local team to accommodate the rapid increase in users. The people of Australia are driving the growth themselves. Aussies are creating more and more sub-communities and more need for moderators. Reddit has reworked resources to funding more developers, engineers and producers for the local community.

“People naturally want to connect with others who share similar interests. They’re connecting with people who champion their dreams and this has only intensified in a post-COVID world,” says Claire Waring, Executive Creative Director, R/GA Australia. “Reddit is a unique platform that unites people of all ages and backgrounds. This wealth of humanity creates a huge range of intelligent, hilarious, and heart-warming content. That has been the inspiration for this campaign.”

Local communities

Reddit has also been partnering with Australian companies such as Coles and ANZ to help assist with reaching the Aussie market. Even the AFL has jumped on board! The organisation is the first sports league to officially partner with Reddit to create authentic AFL jersey profile avatars.

“Reddit provides a platform for businesses to engage and connect with consumers in an authentic way, and we look forward to working with them to connect with customers seeking to learn more about Dell. Congratulations for celebrating the first year in Australia,” says William Hasko, Market Lead for SMB, ANZ at Dell Technologies. 

Australia’s communities are a hub for cultural conversations. r/australia is among the most popular in the region, accompanied by half a million Reddit users devoted to their city in r/melbourne. Die-hard sporting fans in r/AFL saw a 53 percent year-over-year increase in subscribers, while finance fanatics in r/fiaustralia saw a 73 percent year-over-year increase in subscribers. 

Local Reddit users also embraced connection and collaboration. They’ve claimed a stake in global effort r/place. Australia is one of the top 10 most active countries in one of the world’s largest digital art projects.


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Aidan Vaughan

Aidan Vaughan is a writer for Marketing Magazine.

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