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GoDaddy introduces new AI tool to help entrepreneurs create engaging content

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GoDaddy introduces new AI tool to help entrepreneurs create engaging content


Web-hosting giant GoDaddy has just made it easier for entrepreneurs to create branded social media content, with the help of AI.

Running a small business is time consuming and creating social media content is an essential part of marketing, as customers increasingly make their purchasing choices based on what they see online.

GoDaddy has launched an AI-powered instant video tool that equips entrepreneurs with the tools to meet the growing demand for video-based digital marketing. It offers templates to create branded and professional videos for social media videos to drive customer engagement.

GoDaddy embraces AI technology to help entrepreneurs

Designed to make content creators more confident, the GoDaddy Studio tool can auto-generate content based on videos and images uploaded by users, along with content from the website’s in-house library, while creating slogans to accompany the vision.

Vice president of product management at GoDaddy Laka Sriram said the tool makes it easier for small business owners to create social media content without tech-savvy design skills.

By using the latest technology, entrepreneurs will now be better equipped to maximise social media platforms’ algorithms, which favours videos, and increase engagement to grow their business,” Sriram says.

Royalty-free music is available for creators to add to their videos. Through a partnership with online music library Melodie, all music accompanying videos through the tool will be created by independent artists and musicians around the world.

No prior design experience is needed, and the tool is available to GoDaddy subscribers at no additional cost.

Video advertising is a critical part of the digital market, and Aussie companies are increasingly investing in it. According to data from PwC, Australian companies increased video ad spending by 12 percent last year, amounting to $3.3 billion.

The same report found the Australian online advertising market reached $14.2 billion spent for the 2022 calendar year.


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Millie Costigan

Millie Costigan was a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine in 2023.

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