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Has Medibank performed better than Optus with communications amid cyber attack saga

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Has Medibank performed better than Optus with communications amid cyber attack saga


The last few weeks have been shocking for Australians who have had their data breached. Medibank has revealed that 3.9 million customers have had their data exposed to a hacker.

In a statement released by the company, it confirmed that all Medibank, ahm and international student customers’ personal data has been exposed in the cyber hack.

The company has been in constant communication with its customers, updating their findings in their investigations every few days. Although the data has been accessed, the company has not confirmed where the data has been stolen. 

Cyber security experts have told the ABC that the Medibank breach is worse than the Optus as it involves medical information. As data breaches are continuing around Australia, how has Medibank communicated with its customers? The company is ensuring to keep communication with its customers, as emails and its website is regularly updated. 

What are Medibank doing to help its customers? 

Medibank is offering financial support for its customers who are in a vulnerable position because of the crime, the company has outlined customers who are in this position to contact them directly. 

The company has also offered free identity monitoring services for its customers who have had their primary ID compromised. It has also stated it will cover the fees for the re-issue of identity documents that have been compromised because of the crime. 

What type of information has been accessed?

Medibank has released that the hackers have been exposed to names, addresses, date of birth, Medicare numbers, policy numbers, phone numbers and claims data. They also have accessed some passport details in regards to international student policies. 

There has been many backlashes on the poor crisis management by Optus, however, not many have criticised Medibank’s handling of the cyber attack.

The Sydney Morning Herald has outlined that the former head of government’s Australian Cyber Security Centre, Alastair MacGibbon did not make any remarks about Medibank’s cyber attack. It may be because of Medibank’s constant updates, even though almost four million of its customers may have been affected.

Despite Medibank’s constant communications with its members and the public, they are investigating the data that has been collected by the hacker. 


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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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