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Hinge’s furry mascot ‘Hingie’ willing to be destroyed for love

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Hinge’s furry mascot ‘Hingie’ willing to be destroyed for love


Hinge has a new wild-eyed, furry friend “Hingie”. Developed and produced by Red Antler, Hingie is introduced as the app’s icon to a Gen Z audience. By reflecting this younger generation’s dating habits, Hinge hopes to increase brand awareness and resonate with this audience. 

The nine dating scenarios featured in this new campaign include couples going on creative and adventurous dates. These include pottery class, hiking and stargazing. It reflects the dating trends of Gen Z, as Hinge has found daters of this generation prefer dates that don’t involve alcohol. Without alcohol, Hinge users are in the right state of mind to form a meaningful connection. 

A meaningful connection is what Hinge wants to focus on with this new campaign. Gen Z being less focused on finding “the one” and more focused on looking for an intentional relationship, 75 percent in fact. The campaign includes playful imagery and absurdist humour that speaks directly to how this generation views dating. Less about deleting the app forever and more about deleting when it feels right.

Hingie’s role

Meaningful connections are made in each of these scenarios, and while each couple is distracted by their infatuation with each other, Hingie is gladly sacrificed for their love. By showcasing how throw-away the app is when special moments are had, Hinge lets their audience know that they understand how they love and that they are there to help them through the process. 

Hinge x TikTok Creators

Three Gen Z TikTokers have been involved to voice-over the campaign and provide their reactions and commentary to see the cute dates on screen. Local talent Samantha Andrew (@samanthandrew1) from Melbourne is featured in the campaign.

For the first time, this campaign has been produced with digital at the forefront. It includes out-of-home creative, digital ads, and TV spots on Hulu. Between August 22 and December 31, spots can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and Hulu. Out-of-home can be found in the US: Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City.


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