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Klarna unveils pop-up dream store in Sydney

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Klarna unveils pop-up dream store in Sydney


Klarna partners up with Thinkerbell to launch its breakout global shopping event, Dream Days.

Klarna and Thinkerbell partnered up to help Australians reimagine dreams. The new pop-up cheese store in Sydney has been selling the ‘Klarna Dream Cheese’, a hard cheddar. It’s said to be high in a-amino acid tryptophan, encouraging dream recall. 

Anjana Khallouf, national head earned and owned thinker, Thinkerbell, spoke of the partnership. “The campaign saw the Klarna Dream Cheese sell-out across two-days. And, thousands of Aussies shopped their wildest dreams with Klarna online,” says Khallouf.

Klarna is an online shopping platform that is a one-stop experience for online shoppers. Offering a platform for businesses, large and small alike to share their brand worldwide to the millions of users on the Klarna site. For consumers, it is the Costco of online shopping. It covers many facets of retail; Including: Beauty, homeware, auto and electronic appliances.

Katrina Ang, director of marketing ANZ, Klarna said “The Dream Days event marked Klarna reaching a new milestone of 150 million users and 400000 merchant partners worldwide, so it was a great way to celebrate with our Australian customers in a fun and engaging way.”

Thinkerbell and Klarna have been partnered since 2020, a great way to ensure Australian representation in Klarna’s rapidly growing enterprise. The event had content constructed and ran across all social and digital media platforms, such as; Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Spotify.

The flamboyant colours, expansive list of brands and unique campaign is just some of the reasons for Klarna’s continued success. One of the global leaders in retail banking, Klarna is streamlining the retail experience. Saving time and money for their customers, Klarna continues to grow all around the world.


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Aidan Vaughan

Aidan Vaughan is a writer for Marketing Magazine.

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