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Menulog have recruited Wendell Sailor for State of Origin

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Menulog have recruited Wendell Sailor for State of Origin


Thinkerbell and Menulog have recruited Wendell Sailor, the rugby great, to do not much during State of Origin. In the wake of some negative feedback from its last campaign, the food delivery service flipped the lid on it.

State of Origin season has begun, and in game one Menulog secured the prime time ad spot for some prime time talent. In game one, global superstar Katy Perry disrupted viewers’ Origin viewing. The singer was the star of a series of deadpan ad spots that played throughout the popular match.

However, the use of a huge pop icon wasn’t enough to sway the audience. The feedback for the spots wasn’t great. But every cloud has its silver lining, and Menulog found one. 

Instead of using bright lights and the big star pull of Perry, Menulog posted some of the negative feedback. The feedback was followed by 15 seconds of rugby great Wendell Sailor doing the most mundane of things. From sleeping, reading to brushing his teeth, there was nothing too boring to not show.

Developed by Thinkerbell, Sailor was on full display through a series of everyday activities. The feedback was instant online, with many singing the praises of Menulog’s reaction. 

Twitter feedback:

  • The new @Menulog ads are pure ART. Well played @RealBigDell, well played @Menulog. 
  • Fair play to Menulog for having some fun after all the complaints about the Katy Perry ad last Origin.

Simon Cheng, marketing director at Menulog Australia, spoke of the partnership: “We may have slightly overcooked it for footy fans with our advertising during game one of State of Origin. But we get it…the fans tune in for some great footy. Our Katy Perry ad is definitely not going anywhere and Aussies can expect to see and hear it many more times, but for game two of Origin, we wanted to give them something a little closer to home with a bit of Wendell.”


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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