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New Boomtown campaign reveals untapped potential of regional Australia – and why advertisers should make the move

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New Boomtown campaign reveals untapped potential of regional Australia – and why advertisers should make the move


Tens of thousands of metro millennials are spearheading the charge and choosing to call regional Australia home, among 9.8 million other Aussies. These aren’t your average movers; they’re younger, wealthier and more digitally plugged-in than ever before. 

According to Boomtown, it’s an untapped demographic goldmine for brands looking to connect with a dynamic, forward-thinking audience outside major cities.

Enter the media collective’s latest multi-channel campaign, Population: Unexpected, which seeks to shatter outdated perceptions and stereotypes of regional Australia. 

The fun and vibrant campaign, developed by Thinkerbell, boldly asserts that regional Aussies are just as innovative, diverse and successful as their metropolitan counterparts. 

Through a series of colourful ads, including a film led by much-loved media personality Flex Mami, the creative team captures a wide and “unexpected” crowd of regional Aussies, thriving in their respective regional towns.  

Boomtown marketing lead Leanne Glamuzina says the campaign is designed to remind, educate and excite business and brand owners about the untapped power of advertising in regional Australia.

“We arrived at the new positioning ‘Population: Unexpected’ because people living and working in regional areas aren’t what many brands and business owners think they are,” Glamuzina says.

“[Our] research continues to confirm that regional audiences are similar, if not arguably better, consumers than their metro counterparts. 

“Population: Unexpected celebrates the confidence and vibrancy of regional Australia that reinforces why Newcastle gives Newtown a run for its money.” 

The campaign features a cast of local residents and business owners from all walks of life. 

Its launch coincides with Boomtown’s fifth anniversary in the market. 

Chairman Brian Gallagher says brands not advertising in regional Australian could be missing out on connecting with more than a third of their potential audiences.

“Regional Australia is now firmly on the agenda for brands, with our research showing that 93 percent of advertisers say regional media is effective in achieving ROI and 88 percent saying they would consider it in their next campaign,” Gallagher says.

“Still, the fact remains that despite more than a third of the Australian population living in regional areas, only 17% of national media budgets are invested there.”

Read more about Boomtown’s latest campaign.

Photography supplied by Boomtown.


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