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New partnership marks the next era of digital OOH retargeting

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New partnership marks the next era of digital OOH retargeting


Australia’s largest network of mobile billboards and digital screens, the Media That Moves Network (MTMN), is seeking to take on the country’s big out-of-home (OOH) players, thanks to a new data advantage.

The advantage comes as part of a new partnership with tech company LUMOS, who seek to use data and metrics as a competitive advantage.

MTMN is the largest mobile OOH advertising and digital LED screen network in Australia. Brands already engaging with them on mobile advertising solutions include Coles and Woolworths, state governments, Domino’s and TK Maxx.

The Media That Moves Network OOH metrics

“For so long, the national OOH providers have used their scale to dominate, but now we’re offering data and metrics that give us a competitive edge,” MTMN director Charles Tremlett says.

The metrics mentioned will now allow MTMN clients to access the demographics of actual people reached on their mobile OOH campaigns, which include gender, age, interests and buying habits. 

After identifying these real consumers, brands will then be able to retarget them with ads to their mobile devices, offering a new fully comprehensive solution to segmenting and targeting.

Perth Outdoor Media is one of the eight members of MTMN. Director Daren Reid says their clients are thrilled with the results from the new partnership. “Audiences who’ve engaged with a campaign are identified and can then be retargeted across 2000-plus websites and apps. Advertisers can track their retargeting campaigns to see which clicks result in sales,” he says.

Aussie production company Strut & Fret also partnered with MTMN to drive ticket sales for their upcoming show, Limbo The Return, using digital mobile billboards to deliver the intended message to their target customers attending other events in and around the Sydney CBD. 

MTMN then utilised the collection of physical engagement data to push a wave of digital retargeting in the form of popup and banner ads, intended to drive funnel internet traffic to the tickets sales site. Following the success of the campaign, Strut & Fret have engaged another retargeting campaign with the network.

The LUMOS competitive edge

Data offered from LUMOS comprises 41 million anonymised smart devices across the country, providing comprehensive marketing insights into the interests and shopping habits of more than 18 million Australians. LUMOS prioritises a digital-first, unified audience approach to complement the gap that media buyers need to fill.

The Media That Moves Network OOH metrics

“Not all data is created equal,” Tremlett says “Our metrics are much more detailed than the Outdoor Media Association’s OOH audience measurement tool, MOVE, which uses historical averaged data rather than real-time data. Using LUMOS means we can deliver budget digital OOH campaigns across a whole city and make every advertising dollar hit the mark.”

MTMN and LUMOS’ Aussie first mobile OOH partnership marks the start of a new era of consumer insight and real-time retargeting in the outdoor market. Only time will tell if this extensive media solution will get customers really moving.

Imagery supplied by Everlist.

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Billy Klein

Billy Klein is a content producer at Niche Media.

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