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Clemenger BBDO announces social, PR and influence practice, Chemistry Set

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Clemenger BBDO announces social, PR and influence practice, Chemistry Set

Clemenger BBDO

Clemenger BBDO has announced a new social, public relations (PR) and influence practice called Chemistry Set with Rhian Mason at the helm. The practice was created as a way to help brands to lead and design culture, and connect with audiences in the areas that they want to engage.

Joining Clemenger BBDO from Emotive, Mason has been recruited as the head of cultural design at the newly created practice. In this role, Mason will lead the agency’s content, social, PR, partnership, influence and platform innovation capabilities. She will work closely with chief strategy and experience officer Simon Wassef. 

The next evolution of Clemenger BBDO

Wassef said this latest evolution of the company meant that it would continue to reframe Australian culture.

“With Chemistry Set we are giving our clients ways to be more experimental with that process, to not just follow culture but to lead it, to add great ideas to it and see what happens,” Wassef said. “And that’s why Rhian is here. She’s the best at it.”

CEO Dani Bassil said Mason’s appointment was part of Clemenger’s continued recruitment of “super cool humans” and world-class talent.

“Rhi is next level on so many fronts. Hugely talented, full of energy and kind. She is perfect for us, and I have no doubt the impact on the work, our culture and our clients will be massive,” Bassil said.

After spending three years at Emotive as the head of social, talent and partnerships, Mason said she was thrilled to work with Wassef and Clemenger.

“Clemenger is well-known for its ability to create work that taps into the power of culture,” Mason said. “But in today’s world, where people’s attention is scarce and audiences are more fragmented than ever, it’s essential to cut through the noise and pay attention to the signals, trends, and behaviours that shape culture. 

“I’m looking forward to putting my specialist experience into practice and delivering work to help our clients stay relevant now and in the future.”

Photography is attributed to Clemenger BBDO

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