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New skincare brand POETRY is an ode to sensitive skin

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New skincare brand POETRY is an ode to sensitive skin


Newly launched skincare brand POETRY began as an experiment when founder Michelle Driver looked to improve her wife’s increasingly sensitive skin.

“When my wife developed sensitive skin that reacted badly to our usual skincare products, I was naturally curious about what went into them. I was shocked at how many toxins were in the whole production process and thought there must be a simpler, gentler way,” Michelle says.

After a career in innovation with large European companies, Michelle has developed a passion and a relentless curiosity for continuous improvement in science and technology. 

After tinkering with products at home and receiving rave reviews from friends and family, POETRY now launches with a line of skincare products made from natural and organic ingredients.

The debut line, ‘More than skin deep’, includes a cleansing oil, hydrating serum, and a Vitamin A face oil that work in tandem to leave skin hydrated and radiant.

POETRY skincare prioritises natural ingredients and sustainable manufacturing

Of the brand’s name Michelle says, “there is something so deeply affecting and therapeutic about reading and absorbing poetry. I see good skincare working in a similar way. It’s a twice-a-day routine that affords you a moment of self-care and contemplation, nourishing for skin and soul”.

The emphasis on sustainable and gentle ingredients in the product line extends to the manufacturing process, where Michelle ensured packaging and shipping was gentle on the planet. This involves 100 percent post consumer recycled PET plastic, which is lighter to ship, is recyclable in kerbside garbage and does not end up in landfill. 

The products are made from natural and naturally derived ingredients that are not tested on animals.

Creative company The Open Arms developed the launch campaign which features a bespoke brand film.

“We wanted to create a launch campaign that reflects the generosity and spirit of the product. Everyone’s skin tells a story and POETRY responds with gentle love and care,” The Open Arms creative director Jess Lilley says.


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Millie Costigan

Millie Costigan was a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine in 2023.

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