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Rebranding with Vista: The transformation of Simon’s Peiking Duck

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Rebranding with Vista: The transformation of Simon’s Peiking Duck


As the most popular print business, Vistaprint, merged into operating as Vista, it now invests into small business customers growing their marketing campaigns. 

Simon’s Peiking Duck is an iconic restaurant located in Melbourne’s Box Hill South, with Simon well-known for tossing his famous pancakes serving his customers. Unfortunately, Simon died battling with cancer, but his legacy continues in the community honouring him. Vista decided to collaborate with this significant restaurant, wanting to achieve a rebrand of the restaurant, celebrating Simon’s achievements in creating an iconic brand. 

CEO of Vista ANZ, Marcus Marchant, shares the importance of collaborating with Simon’s Peiking Duck in receiving a complete rebrand. He outlines the collaboration saw a complete brand overhaul as it spanned across the restaurant, including menus, signage as well as the redesign of the website including wayfinding, logos and booking system. “We wanted to encapsulate the heritage and legacy of Simon through the refreshed look while modernising the brand,” says Marchant. 

He explains that one of the main aspects of the rebranding of Simon’s is the history behind how it all started. Through highlighting the people behind the restaurant and the spirit of Simon was one of the most important. 

Rebranding can benefit business

Marchant highlights the benefits of rebranding are countless. Below are the reasons why rebranding can improve the business.

  • Creating aesthetic cohesion across collateral so that the business story can be brought to life.
  • Giving the business the opportunity to adopt a fresh perspective, a new direction and set new goals.

Vista, previously known as VistaPrint, was at the forefront in supporting small businesses in various segments of the marketing industry. Marchant says, “If the pandemic taught Vista anything, it’s that brand building is rarely a linear journey – and it takes time.”

Vista is famous for printing business cards, but the 20 year business paused as it took a step back and understood the market in achieving small business marketing and design. There were challenges that Vista faced, as Marchant says it were not unlike those facing your local coffee shop, boutique, or clothing store – increasing competition, brand perception and a focus on profitability. 

But with that, $250 million was invested into the rebrand of Vista – transforming to help small businesses tackle the same obstacle it was facing as a brand. Marchant outlines the array of new acquisitions and offerings as:

  • 99designs by Vista to provide small businesses with access to designers to craft logos, websites and packaging.
  • VistaCreate (previously known as Crello), a DIY digital design platform and stock content marketplace
  • A partnership with web development platform Wix to create and manage small business websites.

Rebranding is transformative

With the world and technology constantly evolving, Marchant highlights that so is the world of small business. “Rebranding can be an extremely powerful tool in showing customers how adaptable and dynamic your business is as well as an opportunity to showcase new offerings,” says Marchant. 

Simon’s was chosen as Marchant explains, “We wanted the business to be relatable and reflective of small businesses throughout Australia in a way that anyone could connect to their story,” Marchant continues. 

“The team at Simon’s had also wanted to rebrand the restaurant following the passing of Simon, but didn’t know where to start or how to do it. Their story was truly inspiring and they had a strong brand established already, combining the heritage and passion of the business with Vista’s offering of products and services, we knew we could make magic together.”

Incorporating the core values of business was an important part of the rebranding strategy. 

“We knew how important it was to stay true to the reason the business was in business – to continue the legacy of Simon.”

As with other businesses, Simons had it tough through COVID and was more than willing to participate in the rebranding process. “We worked through everything together – whether it was designing the new logo, the menus, or the in- restaurant mural – Simon was at the core of everything, just as he should be,” says Marchant. 



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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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