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Subway turns April Fools prank into reality with the launch of the SubDog

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Subway turns April Fools prank into reality with the launch of the SubDog


Subway announces the limited-edition SubDog via politics, after the product gains traction after a social media prank.

As many brands subscribe to the April Fool’s prank to draw awareness to their brand in a fun-loving way, Subway introduced a “new product” on the first of April earlier this year. The Subway SubDog was thus introduced as a footlong classic American-style hotdog.

The prank had almost 20,000 people engaging in an online conversation, with what began as a cheeky April Fool’s joke actually ignited genuine demand and interest in the SubDog, and has led to Subway Australia to introduce the product for a limited time. 

David Thompson, a follower from Melbourne, commented that if the SubDog wasn’t real, he would never eat Subway again, and the rest is history. Subway worked with Publicis to plan the official product launch during the Footy Finals season, collaborating with Don Smallgoods to provide the hotdogs for the new Subway SubDog.

The Subway Team surprised David earlier this month, chauffeuring him to a Subway store to try the first real Subway SubDog, welcomed by a fanfare and a dancing hotdog. This same iconography is used in the video advertisements to give customers the same experience David was gifted.

The Subway SubDog campaign is led by Publicis Worldwide, along with Zenith managing media as part of the bespoke agency, Publicis TeamFresh. The campaign includes TV, Digital, Radio, OOH, POS, and social media.

Ben Miles, Subway Australia & New Zealand senior marketing manager, says: “We’d be disappointed to lose even one customer. So, when David called us out, we listened. SubDog is an idea that has ignited the imagination of so many people, in a way that only Subway can do. We’re thrilled at the response from Footlong and hotdog fans all over Australia.”

Ryan Petie, Publicis Worldwide executive creative director, adds: “The best brands are equally good at listening as they are at talking and acting. When we heard David Thompson acting so passionately about the Subway SubDog, there was no way we couldn’t deliver.”


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