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The weirdest items Australians lost in Ubers this year

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The weirdest items Australians lost in Ubers this year


Uber has released the 2023 edition of its ‘Lost and Found Index’, ranking the most unique items left behind after rides, and our thoughts go out to the drivers that found some of the more personal items.

Though the most common objects lost include predictable accessories like phones, backpacks, wallets and clothing, it’s a surprise some of the items on the list were ever taken into someone else’s vehicle.

“From a Harry Styles concert ticket to a taxidermied cat, Aussies have really outdone themselves when it comes to forgetfulness this year,” says Uber ANZ head of rider operations Hoa Nguyen.

If you thought nothing could beat these options in Uber’s unique item rankings think again, as both were outdone by rabbit medication, some adult toys, a wedding dress and, topping the list, a piece of paper with the number of a girl who might be the love of the rider’s life.

Australians seem to be more confident riding with and leaving behind their peculiar possessions than other nations, the 2022 American list only topped by some “tater tots”.

Uber stirs regional competitiveness

On top of exposing some niche interests, Uber has patted one city on the back for being the most organised in the nation.

Brisbanites can be proud of their shared commitment to a hassle-free night out, leaving the fewest items behind for the second year in a row. 

Sydneysiders are more forgetful than average, but Perth retained top spot as the most forgetful city in Australia.

The mysterious misplaced 

The 25 most unique reports of lost items are:

  1. A girl’s number on a piece of paper “who might be the love of my life”.
  2. Wedding dress.
  3. Adult toys.
  4. Rabbit’s medication.
  5. Harry Styles concert ticket.
  6. Olympic gold medal.
  7. Taxidermy cat.
  8. Segway scooter.
  9. A painting of Marilyn Monroe.
  10. Harry Potter wand.
  11. Nduja (sausage paste).
  12. False teeth.
  13. Cockpit trainer poster.
  14. Wedding bank.
  15. Cattle whip.
  16. Chainsaw
  17. A lectern.
  18. Number plates.
  19. Birth certificate.
  20. Tray of lasagne
  21. DJ decks.
  22. Hair extensions.
  23. Jock strap.
  24. Robotic pool cleaner.
  25. Leather bunny ears.

Nguyen reminds riders to contact the driver through the Uber app if they have lost something. Instructions can be found here.


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