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TikTok champions Aussie businesses with Canva partnership

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TikTok champions Aussie businesses with Canva partnership


TikTok and Canva will continue to celebrate businesses in Australia with the second phase of the ‘Business Booms on TikTok’ campaign.

The first phase of the campaign championed small and medium-sized businesses, the second iteration pivots to larger business, with Canva serving as a prime example of how established Australian businesses are also booming on TikTok.

Canva is a global visual communication platform valued at US$26billion that was founded in Perth in 2013.

Canva head of global sales and success Jen Howard says TikTok has played a pivotal role in Canva’s marketing strategy.

“We run a lot of paid campaigns on TikTok and it has become integral across our entire marketing funnel. From creating product awareness, to helping people understand our product offering, inspiring people to try our full suite of products and encouraging expansion and adoption once they’ve started to use our tools,” she says.

Canva shows ‘business booms’ on TikTok

Canva has utilised TikTok to engage diverse audiences, something they say demonstrates how big businesses are booming on the social media platform. Howard says having fun and prioritising authenticity is essential when engaging with TikTok’s diverse audience.

“Start experimenting, stay true to your brand’s authenticity, keep content low-fi and prioritise having fun to effectively convey your brand message whilst being engaging to your audience,” she says is her advice to other businesses looking to incorporate TikTok into their marketing strategy.

Since emerging in 2019, TikTok has become an essential marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. It remains one of the most downloaded apps with over one billion active monthly active users worldwide.

With the capacity for videos to go viral overnight and reach millions of users, advertising on TikTok can open many doors for companies, especially those wanting to reach young audiences.

According to the company’s own data, one in two Gen Z TikTok users are likely to buy something while using TikTok and 81 percent of TikTokers use the app to discover new products and brands.

But in recent months, countries across the globe have been prohibiting the app from government devices due to privacy concerns and several states in the USA have implemented a total ban.


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Millie Costigan

Millie Costigan was a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine in 2023.

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