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Anytime Fitness welcomes anybody with ‘Find your fit’ campaign

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Anytime Fitness welcomes anybody with ‘Find your fit’ campaign

Anytime Fitness

When many people think of a typical gym-goer, the first image conjured up (at least for me) is likely of a fit and muscled 20-something gym junkie. Anytime Fitness wants to change this.

Anytime Fitness Australia have released a new campaign, ‘Find your fit’, in partnership with creative and media agency The Hallway.

Research shows that twice as many Australians feel that they don’t belong in fitness clubs than those who feel they do. Yet fitness is important for everyone; perceptions need to change. With ‘Find your fit’, Anytime Fitness has stepped up to the challenge.

Anytime Fitness campaign shows anybody is welcome

The commercials present a day in the life of a 24-hour gym to introduce the wide range of diverse members who are part of the Anytime Fitness community. The approach is tongue-in-cheek, but it never disparages any of the groups it portrays. Instead, it celebrates them.

Whether it’s the depiction of ‘The Early Birds’ who ‘put the sparrows to shame’, or ‘The Shifties’ for whom ‘It’s gym o’clock somewhere’, the films champions the diverse members of a gym community. It’s not just the stereotypical gym junkie (although ‘The Swolly Trinity’ does, of course, make an appearance) that frequents the space.

The campaign represents a wide array of gym-goers in the one-minute campaign and six-second shorts – and that’s the point: anybody can find their fit at Anytime Fitness.

‘So whoever you are, at Anytime Fitness you will find your fit,’ the campaign ends.

A fitting message

The true measure of the campaign’s success is the ease with which it invites watchers to imagine themself into the commercial’s setting. Are they one of the early birds? A monetiser? Or perhaps a lone ranger? It doesn’t matter; they belong somewhere.

“Our ambition is to be Australia’s most welcoming gym, open to anybody regardless of where they’re up to on their fitness journey,’ says Anytime Fitness CMO, Caitlin Bancroft. 

“Through ‘Find your fit’, we’re celebrating gym goers in all their forms in a fun way that puts inclusion at the heart of our brand.”

The campaign is set to roll out across BVOD and online video, OOH, social and display.

This is the first campaign launched by Anytime Fitness Australia in partnership with Independent full-service advertising agency The Hallway, whose union began after a competitive pitch in April this year.

The Hallway was responsible for all creative and media components of the campaign.

“One of the greatest pleasures of creating this campaign was working closely with Anytime Fitness Franchisees to get first-hand insight into the wonderful variety of people that frequent their gyms,’ says The Hallway CCO, Simon Lee.

“We’ve allowed ourselves a little creative licence, but all the character types you see in the ‘Find your Fit’ films are based very much on real gym goers. The message is clear, simple, and inclusive: whoever you are, you will find your fit at Anytime Fitness.” 

Anytime Fitness isn’t the only one releasing campaigns that celebrate community inclusion – you can read about Telstra’s ‘This is Footy Country’ campaign here.


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Sam McLeod

Sam McLeod is a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine.

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